Be prepared for Emergencies!


Emergencies and crisis situations are often perceived as threatening. Existing procedures which were designed for normal operations do not work any longer, we have to deal with risks and we are confronted with a need to take decisions in spite of information being scarce. Time pressure is at times extremely high and we have to coordinate actions with other organisations, also media already want to know more about what had happened...

In such situations crisis management teams are deployed to retain control again. To suceed in containing severe damages, these teams need to dispose of approved procedures and experience in working together under challenging and stressful conditions.


Crisis Management Team Training


Our expertise are human factors trainings for crisis management teams in various industries such as aviation, chemical industry, police and rescue services, software companies, banks and insurances.

In our trainings we use unique simulation tools to generate environments that enable us to assess and improve the team's skills. All simulation games and exercises are supplemented with structured after action reviews as well as concrete examples taken from high risk organisations to ensure best possible transfer of insights into participants' working life.

Topics we deal with include decision-making, teamwork and leadership, roles within the crisis management team, information management, briefings and reviews, visualisation methods as well as basics of crisis communication. We encourage thereby a vital and open exchange of experiences, originating from participants' individual background.

To provide the best possible customer service, we adapt our trainings to the specific needs of each of our clients and conduct scientific research on crisis management which is being constantly incorporated in our trainings. Based on our experience we are able to deliver customized trainings of high intensity generating impulses that significantly enhance staff members' capabilities.

The simulation games are supplemented by several interactive lectures, additional exercises and case studies. Prior experience is not required, all information will be provided during the course.

All simulation games are available for online classes. Please contact us to discuss this option.


Simulation Game Roma Termini


In the scenario of the simulation game „Roma Termini“ participants have to deal with a train crash in front of Roma Termini, the central train station of Rome. They assume typical roles such as fire brigades, Red Cross, deputy of Italian railways, technical task force or press officer. Individuals interact directly with each other to take decisions and get feedback about their actions.


Simulation Game yamaoka airport


The scenario of the simulation game "yamaoka airport" is located on one of the islands of Okinawa in the south of Japan. The airport is operating only since two years, but it had already been in the media several times due to incidents as for instance an airplane overshooting the runway or the occurence of alarming medical conditions... Participants assume different roles such as fire brigades, security officer, terminal manager or press officer and interact directly with each other to take decisions. The game calls for dealing with internal and external communication and also with high political and emotional pressure during crisis management team work. The game terminates with a press conference and is followed by an extensive after action review.

Please contact us for further information. References available on request.


Professional Background


Since 2004 freelance human factors trainer for crisis management teams as well as development of simulation games.

Associate lecturer in the field of crisis management and communication skills at Otto-Friedrich University Bamberg, Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, Siegen University, TH Nuernberg.

PhD-Project “Leadership Culture in High Risk Environments – An Empirical Study in the Fields of Medicine, Police and Business Continuity Management” (funded by Foundation of German Business).

Research Associate at Institute for Theoretical Psychology (Prof. Dr. Dietrich Doerner, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg) and at the Chair for Innovation Management (Prof. Dr. Fliaster, Otto-Friedrich-University Bamberg).

Project for Lufthansa Technical Training AG: Development of the General Management Simulation Game ACOSIM (Aircraft Overhaul Simulation).

Academic Studies in Psychology (Diploma) at Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg (D) and Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (NL).




Dr. Susanne Starke

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